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Hello Spring!

Updated: May 7, 2019

After a long and cold winter, finally we could make it to Spring. Thank God!

Even this little lemon tree at the office balcony is happy to be blooming again, even though it had a few tough months because of the wind and cold weathers. It is amazing how the nature turns out to be so on time every time. Nothing is after or before than the actual time it is supposed to be.

So I guess it is same in our lives as well. Everything has a certain time. Not every time we are able to understand that, but everything is always on its perfect time...

It is a blessing, if our mind is aligned with the timing of the heart and the soul. For me, that is not always the case and that is the struggle, a useless struggle... However I am and I will be doing my best to be up to date with the natural being of events.

How is this on your side? Are your my mind, heart and soul always aligned with each other and the natural flow of the world around you? Tell me... Tell this little lemon tree...

Wish you all a great Spring time!



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