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Buju Design is a Turkish design and architecture firm based in Istanbul. 

We are focused on creating architecture and interior design projects with customized products, as well as  providing art consultancy and bespoke art pieces for individual and corporate clients.

As Buju Design, we believe that there are two important aspects of a good design: the mathematics and the mood. Our main purpose is to create a pleasant atmosphere with a great functionality for our clients.

We are your design consultant with a dedicated team consisting of architects, interior designers, artists and artisans. Our wish is to help you out with what you need with your space at any scale. What we really do is to turn your space and/or yourself into the very best version possible, in order to reflect your way to live yourself as you exactly are.

We believe that the best feeling of the space that we are designing is created by the uniqueness in the client's being. Every client, whether an individual or a hospitality group, has a unique formation and authenticity that needs to be projected to this world. We are the team that would bring it to life through our vision and design with customized and delicate details.


Burcu Arkut Acun

Burcu was born in Istanbul in 1986. She graduated from American Robert College in 2004 and Istanbul Technical University with a degree in Architecture in 2008. Between 2008-2009, Burcu worked for Emre Arolat Architects. In 2010, during her masters degree in Bilgi University (in 2009), she took fashion design classes at Istanbul Fashion Academy. That led her to establishing the firm, Designroom, where she practiced fashion, design, styling and produced textile products between 2012-2016.

From 2010 to 2016 she had the chance to work at prestigious projects such as Radisson Blu Asia Hotel, Naz City Hotel Taksim, Xanadu Resort Hotel Antalya while she was in Metex Design Group. After working at Selin Maner Architects, she founded B.U.J.U Design where she practices architecture, interior design, product design, styling and art consultancy since October 2016.

As well as having a vision of her own, she manages to work with different clients with various styles, from contemporary to classical, by providing them an upgraded version for their specific tastes. In addition working with international individual clients on their projects, she also collaborates with various architecture and interior design firms as project partners on bigger scale projects. FSH Four Seasons Bodrum Hotel Art Consultancy&Interior Styling, CLK Waterfront Mansion Interior Design, AMR Maslak Homes Interior Design, ARD Kilyos Home Interior Design, BSA Maslak Home Interior Design, ELB Baby Boutique Projects are some of her featured projects.

Besides these projects, Burcu has been working on B.U.J.U Collections in order to produce the pieces of a unique style to make spaces to become as an art piece. From May 2020, she has been organizing online workshops about Interior Design Styles, Material Boards and Authentic Creativity, in order to inspire new ways of designing for architects, interior architects, designers, students and everyone who is interested. 

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